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24 March 2017

Please sign and share our petition calling for air guns to be licensed in England and Wales.  In 2016, 202 cats in the UK were reported in the press as being shot with an air gun. This is likely to be an underestimation of the actual numbers. Crucially 90% of these attacks were in England and Wales. Northern Ireland led the way in restricting gun ownership in 2004 and Scotland adopted similar legislation in 2017.      

As part of a Cats Protection appeal we are also calling on England and Wales to follow Northern Ireland’s and Scotland’s lead on air guns. Air gun regulation is a reserved matter in Wales which means it is dealt with at Westminster. No matter where you live in the UK you can sign our petition here: www.cats.org.uk/airgunspetition

We need thousands of people to sign which will help us put pressure on the government to change gun laws in England and Wales. Many branches supported our True Cost of Kittens campaign and your support was vital in persuading the Government to help safeguard kittens. To help us stop lethal air guns falling into the wrong hands please sign and share our petition.

Your support will make a real difference. Thank you.