Success stories

Here is Charlie who came into care last year after living  as a stray for some time. Charlie soon persuaded his fosterer that he was too adorable to let go so he moved in! 
He has settled so well and seems very content. He is sure the humans don’t mind sitting on the floor whilst he makes full use of the sofa!


Betty is a story we are particularly proud of. This very sweet little tortie girl had been left to fend for herself, a kind lady was feeding her, but she was moving away and couldn’t take Betty with her. So she rang us as she was desperately worried what would happen to Betty who was clearly an older girl in need of some care and attention, having got quite scruffy and unkempt. We picked Betty up and she was soon settling in with our fosterer Sarah. She went to the vets who thought she was around fifteen years old. We had her thoroughly checked over and this revealed that she had a thyroid problem so it was decided that she would have her thyroid removed. Betty was soon recovering from her op, putting on weight, looking much better and proving to be a friendly and loving little cat. Betty was with us over Christmas but she had the best New Year present she could have when a lady who has a particular love of older cats visited and decided to adopt her. We’ve heard back from her new owner to say she is absolutely thrilled with her, she is great company and has already got the house running her way! Sadly these older cats often get overlooked, but as Betty proves they can bring a lot of love and joy to people.
Here are some photos of her in her new home

Purdhu was one of our first cats to be rehomed in 2017.  
His new owners say
"He is such a beautiful lovely little cat. So gentle but very funny.
He is settling in so well, already rules the roost! He likes all the attention and loves his toys.His coat is looking shiney
and as always eats loads!
We think he has learnt his name as seems to respond when we call him.He isn't looking to go out at all which is fine
as he can stay in as long as he wants till he's ready.
He still likes the floor mainly for sleeping anywhere in the house! Still not keen on his beds, just jakes when he is in it!
So all is going really well and he is certainly and very loved cat!"


Here are Annie and Oliver in their new home!!
Their new owners say
"Oliver is a complete coward and tends to run back inside if a bird should happen to tweet nearby.
Annie is much braver and goes out for about 30 minutes but stays in running distance of the house.

Both are very affectionate. Oliver particularly likes to snuggle up on the sofa with me at night.
He is very particular and will have most of his body on the sofa and rest his head on my leg."


Tabitha has certainly fallen on her feet after being rehomed to a lovely family in Falmouth.  They had just lost their beloved Dottie after a long illness and were keen to give another cat a home.  

Tabitha is a real lap cat and always looking for plenty of fuss - which she gets of course!  She's certainly made herself at home and has the run of the house (including the beds!) but prefers to have the cat flap pegged open than push it herself.  It's obvious that Tabitha's previous 'mum' had done a good job as she is such a loving and trusting cat.  We are so pleased for Tabitha and her new family.

This is the lovey Thomas in his new home.  He's settled really well from the start and is now using the cat flap and letting himself in and out at will.  His new owner is really happy with him and they are enjoying each other's company very much.

Another very happy homing!

Charlie and Izzy were both rescued by us from separate locations.  Charlie was found hiding in a garage, Izzy was found under some decking.  Neither, along with their siblings, had been handled by humans so took a few weeks to come around.  Charlie went to his new home first and got his paws under the table quite quickly.  Then a week later his new sister Izzy arrived, meaning Charlie now had to share the house with his new playmate.  After a few days of hissing and growling, they are now best mates and love each other very much.  So a happy ending at last.

Here's a picture of Toby in his new home - truly settled after just a few days with his new big brother and sister.

No room for people on this sofa!

Here is Elsa (on right) is now living happily in her new home.  She was very challenging for her new owners as she was very distrustful and for the first few weeks was finding hidey holes and was very timid.  With a lot of patience, she is now much more confident and enjoying watching the pigeons and butterflies in the garden.

Here is Milo who is looking completely at home - after only one day with his new owners.  Success!

Look at this picture of kitten contentment (on right).  Tori aka Freda is now in her new home and relaxing!

This is Kiki on the left in her new happy home.  She was found in a farm shed but is really enjoying her new friends.

This is Nimbus (on the right) who is a lovely white and black male kitten with his new four year old friend.  It was an early birthday present from her mum and the little girl was thrilled to bits.  Nimbus has already made himself at home!

These lovely kittens (on left) were born in our care in the middle of March.  They have been rehomed together to a happy home.  Jackson is all black male and his sister Cookie is grey and white.  They are enjoying their new home and exploring everywhere.

This is Lewis in his 'I bed' - what was an I Mac computer.  Great recycling by Steph
one of our valued volunteers.

Hollybell is a lovely tabby female cat with beautiful markings.  She has a bob tail and as she came in as a stray we don't know whether she was born like this or had it removed due to an accident or illness.

She has found a wonderful new home with a retired couple.  Here she is in the chair she has claimed as her own!


Pudsey (was Chico) came into our care after an urgent call to rescue some kittens from a farm.  He came in with his two sisters and they were quite wild and scared when we initially had them.  One of our fosterers took a lot of time and patience and with loads of tlc managed to bring them around to a point where they could be rehomed.  Pudsey is now happy ensconced in family life and get on brilliantly with new new best friends - the family cat and dog and loves nothing more than cuddles from his new humans.  He is a very lucky kitten.

These three beautiful 'feral' kittens are called Smokey, Smudge and Pickle.  As one of
the owners is allergic to cats they decided to have feral cats instead.  An old tractor shed has been converted for them and although they are farm cats & they live outside they are very loved and spoilt & even have heated beds in the winter! They are all so friendly now and sneak in to the owners office and curl up in beds or on her lap while she's working!  A very successful homing for all.

Hattie (previously called Treacle) was the 100th cat we rehomed this year.  Her new owners have told us that she enjoys nothing more than chasing butterflies or any insect around the garden, and in the evening after playing with her toys she likes to curl up on the mat in front of the log burner for the night to dream.  She is very affectionate and is loved to bits.

Salem and Tigerlily (on right) are loving their new home and each other.  They have settled into their new home very well - their new owners say it is almost like they have always been with them.  When Salem had to have his vaccination and was a little drowsy, Tigerlily has looked after him ... so cute.  They are really different personalities, but get on really well, and cuddle up most evenings in their cat basket.

Midnight (now Jess) pictured on the left came into our care as her owners were moving and unable to take her with them.

Here she is in her new home.  She has settled in very well with everyone including the other resident cat Max.

She is a beautiful cat and is loved by all her new family.

Fluffy (on right) was rehomed as she was living with an elderly gentleman who could no longer look after her.  She was then moved to a house with quite a few other animals and she was very stressed living there.  At 7 months old, Fluffy was just desperate for a new family to settle in with.  We rescued her, health checked her, microchipped and then spayed her.  We managed to find her a new home within 24 hours of picking her up and she has settled in with her new family extremely well.  Now renamed Tara, she has a new feline playmate who she chases and 3 human children who give her lots of cuddles.  So Tara is now a very happy young cat.
Benji (on left) is a 3 yr old Maine Coone who we rescued at the very last minute.  We had a call to say that his owner had booked him in to the vets to be put to sleep.  We rushed in and scooped him up (a hard task as he is about 6kg!).  He was incredibly timid and shy and wouldn't eat.  He was so nervous and distrustful of humans.  After spending time with our fosterers, he gradually came out of his shell.  We managed to find a lovely home for him but sadly after only a few short weeks, it didn't work out and he was returned to us.  Then fate played a massive part and a lovely couple with 2 older cats have now rehomed him.  With a little patience, time and lots of TLC, he is now living happily in his new home and getting on with his playmates.  What a fantastic ending for Benji the Lion!  This is what Cats Protection is all about, saving cats, rehabilitating them and finding their forever home.
Here is Poppy (on right) after only a week in her new home.  Her new owners tell us that she is settling in very well now - for the first two days she hid under the bed but now plays and loves to sit on the couch.  She is very tolerant of the lovely little girl pictured with her who constantly wants to stroke her!  Her new owners had been nervous of getting an adult cat with a toddler around but they say Poppy is a pleasure, very loving and has made their house a home.

Toby (on left).  This is an updated photo of Toby who was rehomed a few months ago.  He came in to us as an unwanted kitten and his good looks got him a new home within a week.  He is very happy in his new home and is much loved.

Here's Daisy settling in very well in her new home.  She is longing to go outside to explore but needs a bit more time to get to know everyone.  Her new owners are very pleased with you - as you can see she likes to sneak on the bed when no-one is looking.

Milly (right) and Billy (left) were brought in as strays and
were very shy.  They have now found a lovely home where
they have really come out of themselves.  Their new
owner says they love playing with their fishing line and
catnip balls.  Both roll over the have their tummies
tickled and are very gentle.

Lottie and Lola were incredibly timid 6 month old ginger kittens - they had been living rough as strays since birth.  We rehomed them really quickly to a fantastic family, who within an amazingly short period of time, have turned the shy little kittens into ones who now enjoy a stroke and a cuddle and have lovely loud purrs.
What an amazing future these cats now have.

Ruby (on right) was rehomed recently after quite a long wait.  She came in with her brother Jasper who was rehomed very quickly.  They didn't particularly get on so Ruby became a complete Princess when she had all of the attention to herself and didn't have to share.  Ruby is now rehomed with a lovely couple and has settled in very well and has her own special chair!

Here's Smudge (black & white) and his brother Dexter (dark tabby & white) relaxing in their new home - they were adopted as young kittens and have grown into very handsome boys.
Cloud & Storm have been with their new owners a few weeks now and we are told - "This adorable pair have settled in so well, they are an absolute delight"